Product returns

Return/Replacement Policy

I. PRODUCT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: 15% Restocking fee for products returned in sealed packages and/or arrivals within 60 days of the date of purchase

2. PRODUCT REPLACEMENT: Product replacement will be issued if there is a demonstrable manufacturing defect or labeling error

3. SHIPPING: Dentist/Buyer covers all shipping costs including returns

4. PRODUCT GUARANTEE: No implant success guarantee for implants that fail to achieve osseointegration or lose osseointegration after being placed in function.

5. Dentists with proper and/or sufficient dental implant experience understand and agree that failure to produce or maintain osseointegration is chiefly caused by using improper surgical techniques, lack of clinical experience placing implants, placing the implants into areas of deficient bone or excessive occlusal overloading.

6. Every doctor who uses OsseoFuseĀ® is responsible for all treatment planning and clinical use. It is highly recommended to complete the oral implantology course and abide by the operating manual. We are not liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of individually or jointly with other products under the term of the warranty.The cases and contents are for reference only and are not suitable for everyone. Any operation and course has its medical risks, it should be assessed and discussed with doctors. To ensure the best treatment, doctors and patients should establish a positive relationship and engagement.