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Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of implant surgery has elevated possibilities for patients and dentists worldwide.


The OsseoFuse story


Pioneering periodontists

Two experienced periodontists entered dentistry, embracing dental implants early in their careers. Over six decades, they placed 60,000 implants, collaborated with top brands, and opened training institutes.


Uniting Advantages

Inspired by their insights, they invented products merging diverse system advantages, patenting each design. The TwoDrill and OneDrill systems astounded the industry, followed by the groundbreaking Sinus Implant.


Implant Excellence

The periodontists amassed 15 years of clinical data, validating their system's success. Their multifunctional designs pushed implant surgery boundaries, elevating expertise, and reshaping dental possibilities worldwide.


Dental Innovation

Their visionary work revolutionized dentistry, benefitting patients worldwide. These pioneering individuals continue to drive dental innovation, leaving an enduring legacy in the field of periodontology


What dentists are saying

Hear from dentists who are successfully using our products.

“OsseoFuse makes surgery simpler, reducing surgical intervention times, increasing patient satisfaction.”

As Steve Jobs once said, "That's been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simplicity can be harder than complexity: You have to work hard to clarify your thinking and make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because, once you get there, you can move mountains." What's most amazing is that it can handle almost all complicated cases. We've only just started using it.

Dr. Celine Chang
Harvest Dental Care

“I now have the ability to handle cases that used to require sinus lift surgery before implantation.”

I truly admire Dr. Leon Chen’s exceptional perspectives. He has designed suchsimple and effective techniques that have allowed me to advance in a very short period of time. The concept of subtraction is gradually being applied in many aspects, which is fantastic.

Dr. Tyron Jones
Happiness Dental Clinic

“The simplification of drilling, when placing multiple implants, has saved me some time.”

Usually, when placing multiple implants, I have to keep changing burs. With OsseoFuse, skipping the switching process makes the surgical process more efficient.

Dr. Dave Walker
New Classic Dental

“At the age of 79, I had planned to retire until I discovered the Osseofuse onedrill system.”

I was surprised by its simplicity. Now, at 82, I'm not ready to retire anytime soon. I placed an average of over 50 implants per month.

Dr. Hsu Long-Sean
Dr. Hsu Dental Clinic

“Shorter chair time and less discomfort for patients.”

OsseoFuse made me realize that among the numerous dental implant brands, there is a system that can simplify complexity.

Dr. Arman Nadim
Sun Dental Clinic

“The products from OsseoFuse are the best dental implants I’ve ever used.”

Especially for immediate implant immediate restoration cases, as well as sinus lift surgeries. I wholeheartedly recommend OsseoFuse to fellow dentists.

Dr. Tom Boujenah
Digital Smile Dental Clinic

“The design streamlines immediate implant and restoration into one single surgery.”

The use of just one single drill for implant site preparation eliminates the need for multiple drill changes, significantly reducing surgical time. The OsseoFuse system design exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Paul Schneider
Master Dental Clinic

“I realized that dental implantation could be so simple, so effortless.”

It wasn’t until 2020, when I coincidentally came across OsseoFuse, that my eyes were truly opened. I found that the doctor I hadn’t seen in 12 years had taken the treatment techniques to an unimaginable level!

Dr. Ayoub Lahlou
Lahlou Dental Clinic
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